A WCF Chat Service & Client

I attended a interview recently for which the pre-requisite was to develop a chat application using WCF as part of a code challenge. The requirement was quite simple, so instead of taking the usual route of creating a WCF service and adding its reference to a client application, I decided to hand code everything without any configuration or service references!

Of course the  assumption here is that the service and client applications are owned by a single company/team so that the contracts can be shared between the service and client.

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Mobile Push Notification Service – Design Approach (Part 1)

Overview of Push Notifications

In this article, I am going to design the architecture for implementing push notifications for you mobile application. This part only has design and architecture information, code will be covered in Part 2.

If you are new to push notifications, please read wiki article about the technology and also about GCM and APN services.

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A Thread Safe Singleton Class in .NET

In this post I will demonstrate creating a singleton class in .Net that is thread safe. As usual the singleton class should have a private constructor as shown below so that any other class cannot “directly” create an instance of our singleton class.

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